Tiger Lily Donation Guidelines
131 Spring Street, Charleston, SC, 29403

Thank you for contacting Tiger Lily regarding a donation. We are proud of our contributions to Charleston based Organizations and Charities. We are active in several non-profit organizations, and donate more than $40,000 in goods and services year after year. As a small business, however, we do have financial and staff limitations on our charitable giving. In order to help us select our giving opportunities, please complete the attached form.

Tiger Lily Florist’s Charitable Guidelines:

  1. Local Charleston Based Charities
  2. Charities and Organizations that have at least a 70% flow-through of funds raised to end recipients
  3. Charities and Organizations that are current customers and/or have a positive relationship with Tiger Lily
  4. Our primary focus for giving is to non-profit organizations who work to improve health and wellness of children and families through medical research, education, and mentorship.


If we are unable to meet your request at this time, please re-submit for future events. We do try to support different groups from year to year. Donation request will be reviewed on a weekly basis.

Thank You,
Clara Gonzales, Owner
Tiger Lily Florist