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Grace. Beauty. Prosperity. And love. These are just some of the lovely qualities attached to the exquisite orchid. So imagine the effect of receiving a collection of stunning orchid plants all at once. Long lasting and easy care. What a great gift! ( even if its for you...) Choose from 2 orchids or 3 orchids in all whites or a color mix. Please call for specific colors. Containers will vary

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • Mixed Colors - 3 orchids


  • Mixed Colors - 2 orchids


  • All Whites-3 orchids


  • All Whites-2 orchids


Mixed Colors - 3 orchids - $225.00

Mixed Colors - 2 orchids - $155.00

All Whites-3 orchids - $225.00

All Whites-2 orchids - $155.00