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The Jonathan Green 'Flower Ladies of Charleston' Floral Collection

Tiger Lily is proud to present the Jonathan Green 'Charleston Flower Ladies' Collection. A year around seasonal mix of historical market inspired florals representing the very first flower markets in downtown . This is an expanding collection which will soon feature real Sweetgrass vase baskets made in downtown Charleston at the actual markets where the first African floral vendors started. Additionally Tiger Lily will be featuring special creations of Jonathan Green greeting cards. *Artist quote by Dr Green."I'm painting a series on " The Charleston Flower Ladies" a story that inspires documentation of all aspects this remarkable history of women's empowerment, resilience and entrepreneurship! All florals in this collection come with a special card depicting one of Jonathan Green's painting images and the history of the first florists in Charleston. A portion of each floral sold from the collection will be donated to the Jonathan Green Maritime Cultural Center in Beaufort, South Carolina.

"Jonathan Green, in a monumental collaboration with Tiger Lily Florist, has expressed his enthusiasm and admiration for their innovative and impeccable approach to design. 'The Flower Ladies', his newest artwork series, is brought to life through this partnership which serves as a living exhibit of the Jonathan Green Maritime Cultural Center at the University of South Carolina Beaufort. Green highlights the significance of the collaboration, stating, 'Together, we are reviving the remarkable historical entrepreneurial spirits of these women and their contributions to the economic redevelopment of Charleston following the devastation of the Civil War.'